Small Tings and Sandwiches​​

$3 Tostones- Fried green plantains
$3 Maduros- Fried RIPE plantains 
$3 Yuca Fries- with garlic sauce
$5 Beef Patty- Jamaican turnover
$6 Stamp & Go- Jamaican style salt cod fritter
$8 Cubano- Roasted pork, ham, swiss cheese,              
deli mustard, and pickles
$10 Jerk Burger- Grilled jerk seasoned burger    

       on a bed of arugula, topped with goat
       cheese, red onions, and jerk barbecue  
       sauce. On coco bread.
$9 Tripleta- Bistec, ham, and roast pork. With

      lettuce and tomato, On pan sobao
$8 Original Don Dadda- Jerk chicken and chyote slaw


$10 Jerk Chicken- House grilled jerk chicken
       over rice & peas. With sweet plantains
$12 Pernil- Slow roasted pork shoulder with
       yellow rice and plantains
$14 Bistec- Seasoned thin cut steak over yellow
       rice and plantains
$14 Oxtail- Traditional Jamaican oxtals over rice
       & peas. With sweet plantains
$16 Red Snapper- Pan seared with rice & peas.
       With vegetables
$14 Curried Goat- over rice & peas. With
$16 Sofrito Shrimp- In red sauce over yellow
      rice. With plantains
$16 Jerk Shrimp- Sauteed shrimp with house
       jerk over rice & peas. With plantains
$12 Curried Chicken​- West Indian style over
       rice&peas. With sweet plantains

      Ital Food ( Plant Based ) Vegan Friendly

$10 Ital Stew- Vegetables and roots slow

       cooked down in coconut milk and spices
$10 Rasta Burger- Veggie burger with spicy red

       bean and quinoa patty, topped with ginger-
       lime slaw and avocado
$10 Curried Vegetables- Flash cooked mixed

       vegetables in west indiand style curry
$12 Jerk Tofu- Seared tofu with our house jerk

      sauce. Rice & Beans, and plantains
$8 Falafel- Island style with mango slaw,

      arugula, tomato, and onion
$10 Vegan Tacos-  Walnut taco meat, arugula

      with mango slaw
$6 Callaloo Frittes​- with sweet chili glaze

                 Fresh Homemade Drinks

$3 Ginger Beer- Made with fresh ginger root,
     cane sugar, and lime
$3 Sorrel Tea- Hibiscus (Jamaican sorrel sepals)
     brewes with a blend of spices. Served      
$2 Jamaican Lemonade- Fresh lemon, lime, and
     cane sugar. Served Chilled.
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